Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth

horse and mountain sunsetHi everyone. This is my web site/blog on “Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth .”

I have been a student of spirituality for forty years and have attended dozens of conferences, seminars, and workshops on the topic, sometimes as a featured speaker.

I have written an e-book also called, Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth which is now for sale on AmazonSee the July 11, 2015 post for more details. It should also be available in trade paperback within a year.

It is my heartfelt belief that EVERY subject, no matter how “earthly” it may seem, has an underlying spiritual truth to it. Thus, some of the topics covered in this blog will be spiritual exercises, reincarnation and karma, health and healing, sex and sexuality, dreams, politics, spiritual guides, finances, and out-of-body travel.

I am careful to distinguish between spirituality and conventional religion.  The fact that life is spiritual has nothing to do with the rituals and dogma associated with traditional religions.

I have also written an autobiography, three screenplays, and dozens of articles, stories, poems, and songs which I will be publishing as time and money allow.

Part of the mission statement of this web site/blog is to recommend other authors and books that are spiritually uplifting, as well as music, movies, TV, and other blogs or web sites, so I will be doing this from time to time, and am inviting you to do the same…

Please feel free to write me here with questions, comments, and points-of-view. Let’s get a lively discussion going!

All the best,

Michael Bruce Manning


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