IntroductionLooking at life through spiritual eyes gives us the clearest vision.

I do not mean through religious eyes.

Throughout history, wars have been fought and atrocities committed, all in the name of religious differences. The meaningless rituals and dogma of the major religions often camouflage underlying spiritual truth.

There are, however, a few religions — most relatively unknown at this time — that have focused on a more direct path to genuine spirituality. One of these, in particular, has helped me enormously.

Nonetheless, the purpose of this blog is to examine pure spirititual truth, without reference to any specific religion. In the end, each of us must follow our intuition  and our hearts to wherever they may lead us.

It is my own spiritual revelations that have provided the material for this blog. I realize, however, that my experiences prove nothing to others. Therefore, I have included a section on spiritual exercises. The daily practice of these exercises — or similar ones that work for you — will bring direct proof of the secrets which underlie all authentic spirituality.

You may get tired of hearing me emphasize the importance of doing the spiritual exercises regularly. I do not apologize for this. The reason is simple: We need to have our own experiences. No matter how much knowledge we gather from others, in the end, it is our own experiences that count.

While attending university during the 1970s, I heard a man being interviewed on the radio. He was asked if he believed in God, and he replied, “No. I KNOW God.”

At that moment, I realized he was right. Belief does not matter. It is what we KNOW that counts. And the only way we can know anything is through direct, personal experience.

Therefore, I find it best to divide life into what I know and don’t know, rather than what I believe and don’t believe. If I do not know something, I don’t say, “I do not believe that.” I simply say, “I don’t know at this time. Maybe it is true, maybe not, but I will keep an open mind and heart until I know from my own experience.” To absorb the most from this blog, I encourage you to adopt a similar attitude.

Hearing that radio interview was a turning point in my life. It started me on a journey of asking a lot of questions and, little by little, finding many answers. I now feel ready to share some of these answers with you.

Another section of this blog deals with reincarnation and karma. It is important to present these topics right away because they lay a vital groundwork for what is to come. If I had not personally experienced some of my past lives and observed how they are affecting me today, I would not have written this blog.

As the blog progresses, I will include topics which most people would consider directly spiritual, but also more down-to-earth material. In this way, it is my intention to demonstrate that ALL OF LIFE can be seen from a spiritual perspective.

Everyone must find their own truth. Aristotle once said of his beloved teacher Plato that , “Both truth and Plato and dear to me, but I reserve the right to prefer truth!”

I hope you will benefit from what you read here, and best wishes on your spiritual quest, wherever it may take you.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Great point about keeping an open mind. I often think the same thing about science. The best scientists realize that everything outside of what we consider proven is neither proven nor unproven—and even the things in the ‘proven’ bucket are always subject to reexamination.


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