Who Are We?

Who Are WeMost of us would agree that we have bodies, emotions (feelings), thoughts, memories, intuition, etc.

But do we HAVE a soul???

That makes NO sense! We ARE Soul — an atom of God’s love, a part of the universe, a particle of universal matter, a creation of the IS, or whatever you want to call it (personally, I like “an atom of God’s love” best…).

As Soul, we exist only because God loves us or only because the universe wills it.

Also, as Soul, (1) We are eternal beings — we have no beginning or ending, (2) We dwell in the present moment, never the past or future, and (3) With those who have the eyes to see and the heart to hear, we dwell constantly in the universes beyond matter, energy, space, and time — the worlds of PURE BEING, of ONLY LOVE!

Your thoughts?



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