Alcohol and Drugs

alcohol and drugsWhat is the relationship between spirituality and alcohol or drugs?

During the 1960s, there emerged a group of people who believed that drugs such as marijuana and LSD could expand our minds and help us to grow spiritually. What nonsense! These drugs are extremely damaging in every way – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. While they may provide proof of life in other dimensions – usually just the lower astral plane – they leave us wide open to the attack of unstable psychic forces. If we are serious about our spiritual growth, we will avoid all mind and mood altering drugs (unless prescribed by a competent physician for an illness).

Many believe there’s no harm in drinking small amounts of alcohol. This may be true for some people. After all, it is often said that everything is fine in moderation. However, if spiritual growth is a priority, we would do well to stay clear of alcohol. Even one drink can dull our spiritual awareness.

Alcohol and drugs are not immoral. That is not the point. Rather, it is important to realize that they can seriously damage our spiritual growth, as well as our bodies, minds, and emotions.

All of us have had problems with drugs or alcohol in some of our past lives. Freeing ourselves from addiction may be a karmic lesson we chose to work through in this lifetime. If we are struggling with addiction, we can ask for spiritual guidance, then relax, and trust in God. In many cases, counseling and/or support groups are helpful. If we learn to treat addiction – our own or other people’s – with kindness, patience, and love, we will have traveled a little further on our journey home to God.


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