Levels of Heaven

eagle 10Many of us grew up believing that there were only two options open to us after our death: if we were good we went to heaven; if not we went to hell. This all or nothing premise evolved through many centuries of traditional religious thinking.

The truth is that there are many levels of heaven and no absolute hell. If you understood the principles of cause and effect discussed in the post on karma and reincarnation, then you know the truth of the following statement: Where we go when we leave this world is based on every thought, word, and action in our many lives up to that point.

This is not a punishment or reward system. It is a meticulous plan set in motion by our creator to help us learn and grow spiritually. By facing our strengths and weaknesses, we can take the next step on our journey home to God.

Let’s address the issue of hell: The fear of damnation is a trump card in the hands of major religions as they desperately try to maintain a hold on their followers. The truth is there are places in the lower levels of heaven that are set up in much the same way as rehabilitation centers on Earth. When people pass on, if their lives have been filled with anger, lust, greed, or vanity, these treatment facilities are their usual destination. Again, it is important to note that this is done so they may learn from their experiences, not as a form of punishment. After the necessary time has elapsed, these Souls begin another incarnation as they continue to learn the lessons of life.

There are many levels of heaven or planes of existence. When we leave our physical bodies at the time of death, we will be escorted to the level of heaven that we have earned. There is no avoiding the law of karma. Unlike the law courts in this world, justice is administered swiftly and without any possibility of error. Everything about us is known and taken into account.

The first plane of existence is this physical universe in which we now live. It is normally perceived through the five senses and science barely understands what is to be found here. Our planet Earth is simply one world in the middle of a vast cosmos filled with a myriad of different life forms. Yet no matter how huge our physical universe may seem, it is tiny in comparison to the immeasurable heavens beyond.

The second plane corresponds with our emotions. It is a region many times the size our physical universe and is the source of most psychic phenomena including ghosts and UFOs. Many of our dreams take place on this level.

The third level of heaven is larger yet. It is concerned with memories and is filled with countless images from thousands of our past lives.

The fourth plane is divided into two regions, both so vast it staggers the imagination. The first of these zones focuses on conscious thought and the second deals with intuition and other aspects of the subconscious mind.

These four regions are made up of both positive and negative currents. As we ascend through them, the negative force becomes weaker and the positive grows stronger. Beyond these zones – beginning with the fifth plane – there are countless levels of heaven made up of only positive energy. Whether it takes one lifetime or a thousand, it is our spiritual destiny to permanently dwell in these worlds. They are our true home.

If these levels of existence seem strange to you, consider this analogy: Water is a substance that can be altered by simply changing the surrounding temperature – ice turns to water, water turns to vapor or steam. They are all composed of the same basic elements, yet each has vastly different properties. And so it is with the different levels of heaven. As we travel upward into the other worlds, the atoms vibrate at higher frequencies and the laws governing them change.

Each plane has oceans, mountains, deserts, cities, parks, temples, schools, libraries, office buildings, and houses – some similar to Earth, some very different. However, the beauty of the inner worlds is far greater than even the most spectacular scenery in the physical universe. Each region is more awe-inspiring than the one below it.

One of the problems that many of us encounter is that once we get a glimpse of the second or third plane, we think we’ve reached the highest heaven. Fortunately, there are spiritual guides who can encourage us and show us how to reach ever higher into the heavenly realms. We need only ask for their assistance. I’ll write more about these wonderful beings (and some imposters who are there to confuse and delay our journeys) in a future posting.


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